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Pretty (Take off the film lol)

Posted by a****(ip:)

Date 2020-12-28 23:00:20

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I guess they took down my other review which is a pain since I could’ve revised it but I guess I have to make a new one. So originally, I was disappointed that there were scratches on the rose gold part of the lipstick and the mirror but I was informed by email that there was a film on the lipstick which made me elated as the scratches really did bother me. So guys, don’t make the same mistake as me... The mirror however didn’t have a film on it so that sucks, but glad that the lipstick did! The other problem I had was that there was this weird thingy on my lipstick that didn’t look like glitter as it was bigger than all the other glitter particles on the lipstick and was also hard, discolored, and dull. Despite it not being shiny whatsoever, I was told that it could have been a rather large glitter particle. Not really sure tbh. It came off easily when I used my finger to take it off. I personally still don’t think it was glitter as it was much larger than the glitter and was a grayish color as I’ve already stated above but I guess we will never know. I really wasn’t too bothered by it. I wasn’t exactly saying it was dust but I didn’t think it was glitter either. I didn’t know how to describe it. But like I said, this wasn’t much of a problem as it came right off. It didn’t look like trash so that’s what matters. I was more concerned about the scratches anyways but now that that problem was resolved, I guess I’m good to go! I don’t need to post the pictures again as it’s a pain and the grey thingy wasn’t really the main issue I addressed in my last review before it got taken down. In any case, this is a limited time edition and so for all y’all glitter and rhinestone fanatics like me, this is so worth it! If I had more money, I would have bought another set. It’s absolutely gorgeous! Love the design! 



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